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WAV is a full-service, value-added distributor of Brocade+Ruckus products. WAV offers value-added services, product availability and unmatched technical expertise to our VAR channel.

Brocade+Ruckus provides reseller partners with simply better wireless APs and network switches for enterprise, service provider, government and small business customers worldwide.

Our Smart Wi-Fi platform delivers scalable, high-performance Wi-Fi with simplified control and management for on-premise and cloud-based deployments while the Ruckus ICX 7000 Family Switches provide flexible scalability and simplified management. Most importantly, our go-to-market model is 100% through partners, and we are 100% committed to partners.

Ruckus Launches Wi-Fi Access Points for Smart Cities, Stadiums and Public Transportation

By Ruckus Networks. Ruckus Networks has launched two new 802.11ac Wave 2 access points (APs). The E510 and M510 APs are designed to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage in smart cities, space-constrained sites and hard-to-reach areas such as stadiums and public transportation. Ruckus E510 AP The Ruckus E510 is the industry’s first embeddable enterprise AP to feature separate RF and antenna modules. This helps facilitate smooth deployment at sites with strict form-factor…
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Hospitality IoT Made Easy: Give Your Guests a Home-like Automation Experience

By Scott Heinlein, Ruckus Networks. Consumers’ homes are rapidly transforming with the use of smart IoT automation. From digital assistants to wireless speakers, webcams, environmental controls, security systems and more, consumers are accustomed to instant and easy automated personalization of their space. This ‘new way of life’ is increasingly expected when they travel. While hotel rooms now include Wi-Fi and a flat-panel HDTV, those are…
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Making a Ruckus with ARRIS

ruckus arris

  If you haven’t heard the news already – the ARRIS acquisition was finalized in the beginning of December. Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS Company is ready to hit the ground running. How does Ruckus fit into ARRIS?   The acquisition by ARRIS expands Ruckus’ portfolio to include not just their industry leading wireless products, but also the integration of the high-performance ICX switching family. Internally,…
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Ruckus Wireless has released their new Unleashed Mobile App!

unleashed mobile app

Small to medium sized businesses, rejoice! Not only does Ruckus Wireless provide solutions scalable to your business, they just made setup and maintenance even easier with their new mobile app. Ruckus Unleashed is ideal for SMBs who are interested in providing high RF performance Wi-Fi that is easy to deploy, at a low price. Furthermore, Unleashed is a scalable solution, which meets the growing needs…
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Scalable WLAN Network Controllers for Up to 30,000 Wi-Fi Access Points

Whether managed on premises or by distributed services, networks serve as the information pipeline that ensures the day-to-day operation for nearly every business. As a business grows, so does the size of the network. The goal is to minimize capital expenditure (CAPEX) while meeting today’s needs and to maximize the investment to realize the best long-term total cost of ownership (TCO). In scaling a network…
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Thinking Designing a Campus Network: Vendor Migration

University and college campus networks can be some of the most challenging environments to design and maintain, with so many different classes of users and device types all accessing the network at the same time, from many distinct locations.  Professors, administrative staff, and employee network management is enough to keep any decent IT staff occupied – but then you add students! Students arrive on campus…
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Wi-Fi and Wired Connectivity for Every Room

How do you address complaints about Wi-Fi from users who are bringing more and more devices into your hotel rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms? While your dream is to deploy a robust and reliable Wi-Fi access point (AP) and an Ethernet hub in every room at an affordable price, in-room enterprise-grade APs and switches have been cost-prohibitive – until now, that is. With the Ruckus H320 solution, Ruckus’ fourth-generation indoor wall-plate…
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Network Security: How Is Your Agency Protecting Data at the Edge?

network security

It’s no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding. IHS predicts that the number of IoT-connected devices will grow to 75.4 billion in 2025. While greater connectivity increases innovation and operational flexibility, these devices raise concerns about network security. In January 2017, the Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed 442 federal employees about the state of their network security and what their agencies are…
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High Speed Secure Data Transfer for Research and Higher Education


Campus IT networks are the lifeblood of many researchers, educators and students. They provide a platform for researchers and students to exchange information and collaborate to find answers to really big questions more effectively. Over the past few years, many groups owning and operating these high-speed backbones have extended connectivity to K-12 schools, libraries, hospitals, laboratories, and government organizations to enable cost-effective, interactive online services…
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In the Aftermath of a Tornado, Ruckus Wireless and Brocade Come to the Rescue

On March 6, a tornado with peak winds of 150 miles per hour ripped through Seymour, Iowa, a town of approximately 700 residents. It blew the roof off two gymnasiums at the local elementary school, rendering the building unusable. The tornado was one of 10 tornados that touched down in Iowa that day. Caleb Housh, mayor of Seymour, who lives only two blocks from the…
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