3GHz 450M: Kielley’s Korner


Join Zach Hubeck and the one and only Steve Kielley (Cambium Networks’ Regional Sales Manager) for our first installment of “Kielley’s Korner”. In this short and sweet episode, Steve and Zach discuss 3GHz 450M and bringing it all together as a Service Provider. Listen in for great tips and advice from Steve on all things connectivity from one of the most passionate professionals in the outdoor wireless…
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AirWAVs Podcast #7: The cnWhat, cnHow and cnWhy’s of Cambium Networks’ ePMP Solutions

AirWAV's Podcast- ePMP

Listen in to this 20 minute edition of AirWavs to learn more about Cambium’s ePMP solutions, how to migrate your network from an 802.11n environment to 802.11ac, as well as what resources are available to you in ePMP environments. Get started with Cambium Networks, WAV and ePMP today!  Have additional questions about ePMP solutions, offerings or applications? Fill out the field below to get in…
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AirWAVs Podcast #6: Cambium Enterprise Solutions

When you think of Enterprise do you think Cambium? Join Zach Hubeck and Judy McCall as they discuss the various wired and wireless solutions offered by Cambium Networks. Special Thanks to Cambium Networks for their participation and sponsorship. Learn more at

The NEW cnPilot™ e430H Microcell Wall Plate Access Point

This is a syndicate post.  Originally posted by: Cambium Networks – Author: Daran Hermans   Sorry, Simon, you must have heard it wrong.  Not microscope Wi-Fi, maybe you heard microcell Wi-Fi. The cnPilot e430H is a wall plate access point featuring a discreet and sleek design. As a microcell wireless access point, the e430H will look great mounted on the wall in a hotel, dormitory room, long…
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cnPilot E500, E501S, E502S : use-cases for each

cnPilot E500, E501S, E502S : use-cases for each The cnPilot E500, E501S and E502S are three Outdoor Wi-Fi Enterprise that are alike in several ways (2×2 802.11ac, PoE-out support, LTE Filter, IP67 rated) with the main difference being the type of integrated antenna within the unit: E500 : Omnidirectional Antenna E501S: 90-120 degree Sector Antenna E502S: 30 degree Sector Antenna So what are some of…
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2017 Review & 2018 Wireless Broadband Predictions and Trends

Great post by Cambium Networks – A Look Ahead into 2018.   In a fast-moving industry, it is vitally important to anticipate demand and changes. How did we do? Let’s first review our predictions for 2017 and share our views on what is coming with respect to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in 2018. 2017 Review: A basic human need across the world—broadband connectivity. We noted that affordability…
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Hiring People Better Than Yourself

We really like Cambium Network’s perspective on hiring. It is also something we try to practice at WAV. Hiring People Better Than Yourself by Atul Bhatnagar, Cambium Networks At Cambium Networks, each manager strives hard to hire people better than themselves. While it may seem surprising, it is a key strategic approach that has resulted in our ability to help achieve strong revenue growth and…
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Cambium Networks Breaks Technology Barriers with PMP 450m & cnMedusa

  Technology barriers are challenges that beg to be broken. These challenges attract the best engineers and business minds and deliver unparalleled satisfaction when conquered. In the wireless industry, it is a given that RF spectrum is a limited resource, and network architects are gravely concerned that the exponentially increasing demand for bandwidth will cause service providers to run out of spectrum. Cambium Networks has…
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Information Security and Defense in Depth

The spread of available connectivity has outpaced the ability to keep information secure. Working in from the Wi-Fi access layer, network operators need to build security into the backhaul infrastructure to ensure that the core of the distribution layer is secure. Solutions like our PTP 670 wireless backhaul extend the network to connect Wi-Fi access networks– configured as a point-to-point link or a High Capacity…
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What Happens Where the Fiber Ends

In the world of broadband, there is little doubt that the advent of fiber will bring faster, more reliable connections than the traditional copper infrastructure ever could. What we sometimes forget, however, is that even fiber has its limits. For a fiber cable to work, you can do one of two things: hang it from a pole, or trench it in the ground. Inherently, this…
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