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2021 RDOF & Wireless Tech Trends

Join Zach Hubeck, Jaime Fink (Co-Founder, CTO Mimosa (Airspan)) and Blair Clements (Director of Sales and Marketing, ICT) for a 40 minute podcast on what you can expect in 2021 for wireless tech as it relates to RDOF. Learn where we’re at in the RDOF process, how technological advancements will impact RDOF deployments. Will fiber, big carriers or even Starlink dominate this round of Federal…
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PTP 820, the King of the Hill for Licensed PTP Links: Kielley’s Korner


Join Zach Hubeck and Steve Kielley for another installment of Kielley’s Korner. In this edition, Steve and Zach discuss how the Cambium PTP820 has reigned supreme for the last 7 years in the licensed microwave category as well as what new features we get to look forward to in the PTP850. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you don’t want to miss this podcast.  

RDOF Pt 3: The Final Check List

Bidding on RDOF on Oct 29th? You know who you are! Join Claude Aiken and Louis Peraertz with Zach Hubeck on our final checklist for RDOF Success. Learn about the top 3 things you need to know, such as the benefits of participating in the upcoming mock auction, strategic planning around performance tiers and census blocks throughout the bidding process, and post auction details. Got…
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Baicells CBRS Compliance, Upgrades, & Fears Webinar

Baicells-CBRS webinar

CBRS is right around the corner, the rules will open the 3.65 GHz spectrum for wireless operators. Are you ready? Watch as Baicells’ Ronald Mao and Rick Harnish in conjunction with WAV LLC. discuss the upcoming CBRS rules that are taking place on October 17th. In this video we review what it means to be Part 96 complaint, what happens if your network isn’t compliant…
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The Digital Divide: How Connectivity Creates Economic & Social Opportunities

by Zach Hubeck, V.P. of Sales & Marketing for WAV LLC. The pandemic has moved the remote learning needle forward, whether society is prepared or not. As back to school season begins, students across the United States are relying on the internet to access assignments and participate in digital classrooms. Unfortunately, not all students have access to a high-speed, reliable internet connection, creating a significant…
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AirWAV’s: The State of the Education Market

AirWAV's: The State of the Education Market featuring Rich Nedwich

Back to school! 30 minutes of e-learning with Rich Nedwich (Commscope) and Zach Hubeck (WAV). In this episode of AirWAVs, Zach interviews Rich Nedwich, Commscope’s Global Director of Education to discuss the state of the education market, how technologists can help in more than just providing a hardware and services solution, what’s the latest with e-rate, as well as some of the world’s best practices the US should be…
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IgniteNet Product Overview Webinar

This IgniteNet Product overview is designed to provide operators, integrators and managed services providers with an introduction to IgniteNet, its 60GHz solutions, and wifi portfolio. Learn how IgniteNet can help you maximize ROI without compromising performance.

ICT Adds WAV as a Value-added Distributor in the US

Logistics and integration technology company will now provide DC and AC converter power solutions as a complete network offering.     Vancouver, BC – June 18, 2020 – Innovative Circuit Technology Ltd. (ICT), a leader in DC power systems and remote power management solutions, is pleased to announce that WAV has been added as an authorized value-added distributor for the United States. “In signing as an ICT distributor,…
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Surpass Expectations with Solutions from SIAE


SIAE Microelettronica is internationally renowned as a leading provider of the most innovative and best performing microwave radio and wireless network solutions. Microelettronica specializes in point-to-point microwave radio systems that provide 4G/LTE/5G mobile backhaul for the world’s largest mobile operators as well as service provider and private networks. As an intrinsic element of modern network infrastructure, WAV and SIAE customers demand the highest quality, value…
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