45MHz of Extra Spectrum (5.9GHz) and Special Temporary Authorization Podcast

Join Matt Mangrioitis, Bethany Jacobsen and Mark Billets for a 20 minute podcast/discussion on the extra 45MHz of spectrum released by FCC Chairman Pai in 5.9GHz. If you’re seeking more information on whether or not you’re eligible for an STA, the process by which you obtain an STA, and how Cambium and WAV can help you be successful in seeking authorization and leveraging this spectrum,…
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Manufacturer Feature: Gamma Electronics

Join Zach Hubeck, Cameron Lanier and Peter Weyhereter on a 30 minute podcast journey to discuss weather-proofing train wrecks vs. best practices, truck roll avoidance and whether “to low PIM or not to low PIM”, that is the question.

RDOF Funding Podcast

RDOF Podcast Panelist: Zach Hubeck, Ted Osborn, Claude Aiken, and Dave Island

As the federal government continues to subsidize rural connectivity throughout America in CAF, CAFII and The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act, a new funding source in “RDOF” emerges. Listen to this informative 45 minute podcast on the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund with Zach Hubeck, Dave Island, Claude Aiken and Ted Osborn, where questions like “How is RDOF different from CAF?”, “How will the 2020…
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AirWAVs Podcast #9: Bikes for Tikes 2019

Not in the Christmas spirit yet? Learn how a group of inspired folks are able to come together year after year to put over 500 children on bikes Christmas morning courtesy of Bikes for Tikes. Special Thanks to Ruckus Networks, a Division of Commscope

AirWAVs Podcast #10: CBRS with Ruckus/Commscope

Join WAV and Ruckus Networks, a division of Commscope, as Zach Hubeck discusses the synergies between DAS, CBRS and WiFi with Shawn Lucas and Jeanette Lee of Ruckus. Learn the security and power consumption benefits of leveraging CBRS and where we’re at in the CBRS ratification process. Special Thanks to Ruckus Networks, a Division of Commscope

AirWAVs Podcast #8: WiFi 6 and the Ruckus/Commscope Difference

Over 10 Billion IoT devices exist in the world today. Is your WiFi network ready? Bart Giordano and Zach Hubeck talk about the power of WiFi 6 (AX), WiFi standards, a look ahead at the potential of leveraging 6GHz in indoor wireless environments and where you can find out more information on 802.11ax’s gigabit speed capabilities. Special thanks to Ruckus Networks, a division of Commscope

AirWAVs Podcast #7: The cnWhat, cnHow and cnWhy’s of Cambium Networks’ ePMP Solutions

AirWAV's Podcast- ePMP

Listen in to this 20 minute edition of AirWavs to learn more about Cambium’s ePMP solutions, how to migrate your network from an 802.11n environment to 802.11ac, as well as what resources are available to you in ePMP environments. Get started with Cambium Networks, WAV and ePMP today!  Have additional questions about ePMP solutions, offerings or applications? Fill out the field below to get in…
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AirWAVs Podcast #6: Cambium Enterprise Solutions

When you think of Enterprise do you think Cambium? Join Zach Hubeck and Judy McCall as they discuss the various wired and wireless solutions offered by Cambium Networks. Special Thanks to Cambium Networks for their participation and sponsorship. Learn more at http://www.wavonline.com/Cambium_Networks/

AirWAVs Podcast #5: Everest Networks

WAV Podcast Logo

Everest Networks & HD Wi-Fi Interested in learning more about High Density (HD) Wi-fi solutions? Then look no further! Join us as Zach Hubeck interviews Ryan McKenzie and Michael Printz of Everest Networks, to discuss who Everest is and what makes their products a differentiator within the channel. Special Thanks to Everest Networks for their participation and sponsorship. Learn more at http://www.wavonline.com/Everest-Networks/

AirWAVs Podcast #4: 100MB Down, 20MB Up – WISP Edition

WAV Podcast Logo

100MB Down, 20MB Up – WISP Edition Zach Hubeck interviews Matt Mangriotis of Cambium Networks, Nathan Stooke of Wisper ISP, and Greg Jarman of Watch Communications to discuss the value WISPs bring to their customers as well as the Connect America Fund (CAF) initiative. Special Thanks to Cambium Networks for their participation and sponsorship.