cnReach IIoT Wireless Communications: Powering the Industrial Internet of Things

iiot, industrial internet of things

Cambium Network’s cnReach


Cambium Networks understands the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires fast, secure connectivity across distances that most networks haven’t traditionally covered.

Without the ability to connect remote sites and sensors back to cloud-based or private data centers, managing an IIoT network from end to end becomes nothing short of a headache. This is true whether you’re collecting data from offshore oil rigs, managing a commuter rail system or delivering electricity to an entire city.

In these environments, it’s critical for the network operations center to not only have visibility into remote network nodes but also the ability to transport information across the field based on data they’ve distilled from the edge of the network.

Coincidentally, the way this works is analogous to the industrial application of transferring water from faraway reservoirs and lakes to regional pipes. Think of network information as the water that needs to flow into central processing and distribution plants. The big pipes that connect reservoirs all the way to central plants are like Cambium Networks PTP backhaul links, which can extend as far as 245km. The big pipes travel great lengths to supply fresh water to municipal pipe systems that filter and distribute it to every building in town, just as long-distance PTP links connect to PMP access points that wirelessly beam the Internet to multiple locations.

As the IIoT takes hold, our industries will increasingly depend on connectivity and data the way cities depend on water utility systems. The Internet has something in common with water; it is a resource we must steward carefully, monitor closely and use with maximal efficiency.

Cambium Networks and IIoT

At Cambium Networks, they have a rich history of supporting IIoT communications infrastructure – connecting over 5.6 million devices. Cambium Networks continuously strives towards connecting the world’s people, places, and things. That is why they developed cnReach IIoT
Wireless communications: powering the Industrial Internet of Things.

For this reason, Cambium Networks created cnReach. Cambium’s cnReach is an IIoT platform that leverages the network visibility of cnMaestro. It also maximizes private network solutions. These include high-capacity microwave backhaul, video surveillance, remote access, leased line replacement, WiFi, and SCADA control and monitoring systems.

What cnReach can do for you?


Cambium Industrial Internet solutions integrate voice, video, email, and web traffic. Alongside SCADA data from RTU’s, sensors, and control points, cnReach is on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.


Narrowband Wireless networks are rapidly deployable and enable utilities to connect people and things within operational range. Private wireless networks provide steadfast communications for concurrent applications and maximize connectivity, affordable.


Smart Metering, substation switch and circuit control, SCADA telemetry, remote office connectivity, video surveillance, and asset tracking can all be consolidated into one cost-effective IP network. Wireless solutions are optimal for critical infrastructure applications because fiber isn’t everywher. Also, 3G/4G data services offer fewer essential features at a higher cost.


cnReach is available in both the 700 MHz licensed and 900 MHz licensed/unlicensed spectrum. It also has an IO Expander, enabling Cambium’s other broadband products to take advantage of cnReach’s extensive I/O capabilities. The capabilities include things such as two serial ports, two Ethernet ports and 8 digital/analog IO pins.