Fixed Broadband LTE in Unlicensed 5 GHz Spectrum with Telrad Webinar

5 GHz unlicensed spectrum, which has up to 500 MHz of bandwidth available in many regions of the world, is a great option for operators to deploy reliable, cost-effective, high bandwidth broadband LTE networks. With Telrad products, operators can leverage high data rates and high spectral efficiency, which will improve overall network performance to ensure a high-quality online experience for all users.

If you’re interested in cost-optimized configurations, lower total cost of ownership, NLOS capabilities, higher throughput and more, then this webinar is a must watch.

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Alex Freylekhman, Vice-President of Sales, Telrad Networks
Yishai Amsterdamer, General Manager BWA Division, Telrad Networks
Jaime Jimenez, Marketing Specialist, WAV Inc.