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Skating to Where The Puck Will Be

By Mike Kouri, Aerohive Networks. The apocryphal quote from Wayne Gretsky that formed the title illustrates his winning strategy, which Aerohive shares. Customers choose Aerohive products because they solve today’s problems today, and because they have observed and continue to trust that Aerohive will have solutions for tomorrow’s problems before they encounter them. We understand that wireless connectivity is now a business continuity requirement from most of our customers and that…
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How Do 20 MHz-Only Clients Operate In 802.11ax?

By David Coleman, Aerohive Networks. Much of the 802.11ax draft amendment has been written with Internet of Things (IoT) devices in mind. The radio chipsets used for IoT devices generally need to be low-cost and consume very little power. Traditionally, Bluetooth and Zigbee chipsets have been cheaper to manufacture for IoT devices than Wi-Fi radio radios. However, 802.11ax lays the groundwork for vendors to manufacture low-cost Wi-Fi…
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Ruckus Unleashed: Wi-Fi That Works For Small Business

ruckus unleashed

By Ruckus Networks.  With few (if any!) IT staff, your small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need a more-than-simple way to get your staff—and your customers connected. But you’ve also got a limited budget. So it’s got to be affordable. Oh, and by the way, it has to be really good Wi-Fi because if it’s not, your customers may not be back. Ruckus Unleashed is a…
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Bridging the Digital Divide with Connected School Buses

Wi-Fi enabled school buses

By Ruckus Networks. It may be 2018, but millions of low-income American households with school-age children still don’t have access to a broadband internet connection. This preventable digital divide has created a “homework gap,” with students from low-income families often finding it difficult to complete their school assignments without a reliable and fast internet connection. Equipping school buses with Wi-Fi  is one way to help students achieve digital equity and enable…
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Ruckus Launches Wi-Fi Access Points for Smart Cities, Stadiums and Public Transportation

By Ruckus Networks. Ruckus Networks has launched two new 802.11ac Wave 2 access points (APs). The E510 and M510 APs are designed to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage in smart cities, space-constrained sites and hard-to-reach areas such as stadiums and public transportation. Ruckus E510 AP The Ruckus E510 is the industry’s first embeddable enterprise AP to feature separate RF and antenna modules. This helps facilitate smooth deployment at sites with strict form-factor…
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WAV’s 2018 Partner Conference

WAV, Partner Conference,

Join WAV on a journey to OPTIMIZE THE FUTURE at our 6th Annual Partner Conference located in beautiful downtown Chicago, IL. With the tech industry alive and thriving, WAV will lead the charge in revolutionizing the future through optimization and excellence. With over 100 of your colleagues expected to attend, this two and a half day conference will be both educational as well as a…
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SD-WAN: Centralized Orchestration

By Nathaniel Moore, Aerohive Networks. Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is an innovative new approach to the deployment, management and operation of WANs. Explore the key benefits of this exciting new technology. Part 1: Centralized Orchestration Problems often arise when an organization experiences growth and expands its outreach to other locations. Unfortunately, positive business growth has a negative impact on performance, flexibility and operational expenditure…
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Hospitality IoT Made Easy: Give Your Guests a Home-like Automation Experience

By Scott Heinlein, Ruckus Networks. Consumers’ homes are rapidly transforming with the use of smart IoT automation. From digital assistants to wireless speakers, webcams, environmental controls, security systems and more, consumers are accustomed to instant and easy automated personalization of their space. This ‘new way of life’ is increasingly expected when they travel. While hotel rooms now include Wi-Fi and a flat-panel HDTV, those are…
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LTE: Learning What You Don’t Know

By Nick Dewar, Telrad Networks. LTE is just not as easy as Wi-Fi, although the benefits far outweigh the additional design consideration when it comes to deploying a fixed wireless network. LTE deploys differently than other Wi-Fi based and proprietary wireless technology. As a result, operators will not succeed if they use the same ideas and concepts deploying LTE as they do with the other…
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Security Concerns for K-12 Networks

By Alexandra Gates, Aerohive Networks. Network security is inextricably linked with BYOD, but it is also an issue of its own. Protecting student data has been a concern in K-12 for years, as shown in the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Acts in the U.S.; the Data Protection Directive in Europe, and the Privacy Act in Australia, to…
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