Making a Ruckus with ARRIS

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If you haven’t heard the news already – the ARRIS acquisition was finalized in the beginning of December. Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS Company is ready to hit the ground running.

How does Ruckus fit into ARRIS?


The acquisition by ARRIS expands Ruckus’ portfolio to include not just their industry leading wireless products, but also the integration of the high-performance ICX switching family. Internally, Ruckus will be known as ARRIS’ Enterprise Networks business segment. Though they are now a part of ARRIS, Ruckus will still operate as a business unit with its own engineering, sales and marketing resources with a focus on the Enterprise market. The business model will ensure continuity for partners & customers, as well as minimize integration time.

Ruckus integration with ARRIS

Ruckus and ARRIS have complementary strengths, including a continuity of user experience across all verticals and contexts. There has been great innovation in networking starting in the residential market. The adoption of voice control, physical security, IoT, high-density mesh, and application visibility have taken off in the home. Ruckus intends to exploit those same trends in the Enterprise market. Performance expectations within the premium home segment are closer to the Enterprise market. This opportunity will allow Ruckus to work with partners to create complete solutions for the segment from the home, to the office, to school to public venues like hotels, arenas, and smart cities. ARRIS now has a “soup-to-nuts” capability in networking.

Ruckus scaled for growth

Ruckus Networks is now integrated into a large and stable business with the potential for even greater investment and ambition. Results will be seen in manufacturing, operations and supply chain, but also in research & development where Ruckus and ARRIS can tap into their complimentary skill sets and know-how, from DOCSIS to Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Optical communications.

Ruckus serves the Service Provider

Ruckus has a clear leadership position in Wi-Fi with commitments in all major markets serving residential, hotspot and managed service needs. The merge with ARRIS expands Ruckus’ footprint to better serve SPs of all shapes and sizes, while also including their offer using Ethernet switching, analytics from SCI and the Cloudpath security system.

Ruckus commitment to the Cloud

Ruckus and ARRIS are focused on their continued growth in the market. This includes continued investment in the Cloud. Both Ruckus & ARRIS have strong commitments to the future transition to IaaS for networking.

Ruckus commitment to the Cloud

Ruckus and ARRIS share a passion for innovation. An example of this can be seen in their common interest in CBRS and the proliferation of OpenG LTE networks. ARRIS now has the potential to aggressively invest with solutions spanning across Enterprise, smart city, and residential markets using common platforms. These platforms will create a consistent user experience and integration with Wi-Fi.

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