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Manufacturer Feature: Gamma Electronics

Join Zach Hubeck, Cameron Lanier and Peter Weyhereter on a 30 minute podcast journey to discuss weather-proofing train wrecks vs. best practices, truck roll avoidance and whether “to low PIM or not to low PIM”, that is the question.

WAV and Last Mile Gear, a WAV company are here to support your critical infrastructure needs in these unprecedented times

March 22, 2020 On Friday, March 20, 2020, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker joined governors in California and New York, enacting a “stay at home” order effective Saturday, March 21, 2020 through at least April 7, 2020, mandating residents “remain at home” and allowing only businesses providing essential products and services to remain open. WAV, and Last Mile Gear, a WAV company play a critical role…
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RDOF Funding Podcast

RDOF Podcast Panelist: Zach Hubeck, Ted Osborn, Claude Aiken, and Dave Island

As the federal government continues to subsidize rural connectivity throughout America in CAF, CAFII and The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act, a new funding source in “RDOF” emerges. Listen to this informative 45 minute podcast on the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund with Zach Hubeck, Dave Island, Claude Aiken and Ted Osborn, where questions like “How is RDOF different from CAF?”, “How will the 2020…
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Top 3 Takeaways from WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear’s 2020 Sales Kickoff

Authored by Zach Hubeck, WAV’s VP of Sales and Marketing On an annual basis, WAV invites our manufacturers, joint business partner (MBSI WAV) and wholly owned subsidiary (Last Mile Gear) to join us for a sales and company kickoff in what arguably is the worst time of year to come to Chicago. Temperatures rival Greenland and with windchill can plummet to negative 30 or 40…
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WAV now providing SIAE Microelettronica’s complete portfolio of North American Microwave and Millimeter Wave Radio Systems February 4, 2020, Dallas, TX. – SIAE MICROELECTTRONICA, Inc. a leading supplier and innovator of licensed microwave backhaul solutions announced today that its products are now available in North America through WAV. As a complete, one-stop shop, WAV will provide pre-sales engineering, link licensing, stocking, network design and post-sales…
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AirWAVs Podcast #9: Bikes for Tikes 2019

Not in the Christmas spirit yet? Learn how a group of inspired folks are able to come together year after year to put over 500 children on bikes Christmas morning courtesy of Bikes for Tikes. Special Thanks to Ruckus Networks, a Division of Commscope

AirWAVs Podcast #10: CBRS with Ruckus/Commscope

Join WAV and Ruckus Networks, a division of Commscope, as Zach Hubeck discusses the synergies between DAS, CBRS and WiFi with Shawn Lucas and Jeanette Lee of Ruckus. Learn the security and power consumption benefits of leveraging CBRS and where we’re at in the CBRS ratification process. Special Thanks to Ruckus Networks, a Division of Commscope

AirWAVs Podcast #8: WiFi 6 and the Ruckus/Commscope Difference

Over 10 Billion IoT devices exist in the world today. Is your WiFi network ready? Bart Giordano and Zach Hubeck talk about the power of WiFi 6 (AX), WiFi standards, a look ahead at the potential of leveraging 6GHz in indoor wireless environments and where you can find out more information on 802.11ax’s gigabit speed capabilities. Special thanks to Ruckus Networks, a division of Commscope

Mimosa Link Up 2019

For a limited time, WAV & Mimosa by Airspan are offering two FREE CPE radios – either two (2) C5x radios or two (2) C5c radios with qualifying purchases. To qualify for the 2 CPEs*, you must purchase:Two (2) Mimosa B11 point-to-point backhaul radios, ORFour (4) Mimosa B24 point-to-point backhaul radios, ORSix (6) Mimosa B5 point-to-point backhaul radios, OREight (8) Mimosa B5c point-to-point backhaul radios, ORTen (10) Mimosa C5c radios To place an order call 800-678-2419 or email at…
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Baicells Holiday Promo, Now Extended Till Year-End!

Baicells Holiday Sale

Missed out on your opportunity to save up to 33% on select indoor and outdoor CPEs during Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Good news! WAV and Baicells have extended the promo till the end of the year! Baicells LTE CPEs are available at discounted prices when purchasing the minimum order quantities (MOQ) through WAV. Offer extended till December 31st 2019, see below for further details….
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