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What Happens Where the Fiber Ends

In the world of broadband, there is little doubt that the advent of fiber will bring faster, more reliable connections than the traditional copper infrastructure ever could. What we sometimes forget, however, is that even fiber has its limits. For a fiber cable to work, you can do one of two things: hang it from a pole, or trench it in the ground. Inherently, this…
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The C5c connectorized client radio is now available at WAV Inc.!

  The C5c rounds out our suite of client devices, and in combination with our comprehensive backhaul and access offerings, delivers on Mimosa’s vision of a complete cloud-to-client 5G Fixed wireless solution. The C5c serves traditional tower and GigaPoP architectures, and our innovative MicroPoP architecture approach. Beta C5c customers, including aeromax in Spain and StepHouse Networks in Portland, Oregon, have been posting enthusiastically about early results…
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WISP & Outages: The Hidden Cost of Low Cost Networks


Customer satisfaction is critical to any WISP. This is why WISPs & outages are like oil & water. With increased expectations for always-on connectivity from anywhere, WISPs need superior reliability to eliminate outages & maximize uptime. When both are in play, they balance customer satisfaction & control costs, increasing profitability. Increase Profits The best way to prevent outages as a WISP is to invest in…
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Thinking Designing a Campus Network: Vendor Migration

University and college campus networks can be some of the most challenging environments to design and maintain, with so many different classes of users and device types all accessing the network at the same time, from many distinct locations.  Professors, administrative staff, and employee network management is enough to keep any decent IT staff occupied – but then you add students! Students arrive on campus…
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cnReach IIoT Wireless Communications: Powering the Industrial Internet of Things

Cambium Network’s cnReach   Cambium Networks understands the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires fast, secure connectivity across distances that most networks haven’t traditionally covered. Without the ability to connect remote sites and sensors back to cloud-based or private data centers, managing an IIoT network from end to end becomes nothing short of a headache. This is true whether you’re collecting data from offshore oil…
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Wi-Fi and Wired Connectivity for Every Room

How do you address complaints about Wi-Fi from users who are bringing more and more devices into your hotel rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms? While your dream is to deploy a robust and reliable Wi-Fi access point (AP) and an Ethernet hub in every room at an affordable price, in-room enterprise-grade APs and switches have been cost-prohibitive – until now, that is. With the Ruckus H320 solution, Ruckus’ fourth-generation indoor wall-plate…
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Network Security: How Is Your Agency Protecting Data at the Edge?

network security

It’s no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding. IHS predicts that the number of IoT-connected devices will grow to 75.4 billion in 2025. While greater connectivity increases innovation and operational flexibility, these devices raise concerns about network security. In January 2017, the Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed 442 federal employees about the state of their network security and what their agencies are…
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High Speed Secure Data Transfer for Research and Higher Education


Campus IT networks are the lifeblood of many researchers, educators and students. They provide a platform for researchers and students to exchange information and collaborate to find answers to really big questions more effectively. Over the past few years, many groups owning and operating these high-speed backbones have extended connectivity to K-12 schools, libraries, hospitals, laboratories, and government organizations to enable cost-effective, interactive online services…
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In the Aftermath of a Tornado, Ruckus Wireless and Brocade Come to the Rescue

On March 6, a tornado with peak winds of 150 miles per hour ripped through Seymour, Iowa, a town of approximately 700 residents. It blew the roof off two gymnasiums at the local elementary school, rendering the building unusable. The tornado was one of 10 tornados that touched down in Iowa that day. Caleb Housh, mayor of Seymour, who lives only two blocks from the…
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Top 3 Challenges For IT in Education [Infographic]

We’re asking “Is your network ready?” by addressing these Top 3 Challenges for IT in Education.   Ready to start elevating the classroom experience with grade-A Wi-Fi & edge switching solutions? Contact your sales rep today to solve your IT in education challenges & make sure your school district has the best network available – 800-678-2419.   WAV, Inc. is a full service distributor of…
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