WAV Inc. Opens New 26,000 sq. ft. Warehouse in West Chicago

In response to growing demands for additional products, WAV Inc. is excited to announce that their new 26,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in West Chicago has officially opened. In only a short amount of time, the new warehouse has enabled WAV Inc. to increase operational efficiencies and increase product quantities, resulting in a better purchasing experience overall. Structured to streamline the fulfillment process, customers are currently enjoying faster deliveries as well as later cut-off times for same day shipping. Such changes were necessary to build upon the friction-less experience WAV Inc. set out to establish for its customers.

In overseeing the transition and current operations of the new facility, Bob Nelson, Chief Operating Officer at WAV Inc. stated, “We are in a much better position to manage our inventory, our fulfillment process, and ensure our customers enjoy a WAV CARES experience when working with our company”.

In addition to the aforementioned, customers are also reaping the following benefits; the flexibility to will-call pick-ups from one centralized location and the ability to see tracking in real time with the WAV Track system.

As a distributor who strives to add value to their customer base, WAV Inc. is continuously exploring areas in which customer satisfaction can be amplified and consumer engagement could be broadened.


WAV, Inc. is a full-service, value added distributor of wireless broadband, wireless LAN, wireless security, data collection hardware, mobile computing products, rugged computing products, rugged docking stations and vehicle mounts, IP video surveillance, mobile printers and voice over IP technology. Located in Aurora, IL, WAV offers value-added services, product availability and unmatched technical expertise to our VAR channel. WAV provides its partners a competitive edge by offering extensive product knowledge, support for multi-vendor solutions, as well as professional value-added services for its VAR community, including (but not limited to): site surveys, software and hardware development and integration, custom rollouts, installation and technical support. For more information call (800) 678-2419 or visit our web site at: www.wavonline.com.