AirWAV’s: Funding Cup 500 with CommScope

AirWAV by WAV hosted an engaging virtual discussion with the Grants Office and CommScope Ruckus, focusing on COVID relief funding.

Welcome to CommScope Ruckus and WAV’s Funding Cup 500 Podcast. Today we’re talking all about COVID relief funding; educating CommScope Ruckus partners and end users on how to leverage these programs; and gain valuable insight from CommScope Ruckus’ sales acceleration team to bring much needed connectivity to underserved and unserved areas of the United States.

Hosted by Zach Hubeck, Vice President Sales and Marketing at WAV, this episode features:

  • Chris LaPage, Manager Research and Consultative Services, Senior Grants Development Consultant at the Grants Office 
  • Erica Perkins, Sales Acceleration Business Development Manager at CommScope Ruckus


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