Bringing Your Campus Network into the Modern Era

campus network

For many years, campus networks have seen little innovation beyond incremental link speed enhancements. Years of piecemeal upgrades have turned traditional legacy campus networks, which should provide a unified network architecture, into a complex and fragmented patchwork of network devices. Campus networking has reached a point where traditional network architectures are struggling to keep up with users’ relentless demands for both seamless mobility across the…
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What The Evolution of Ruckus APs and Cloud Means For the Next Generation of Enterprises

Ruckus APs

When it comes to cloud managed WLAN, it’s intriguing how the various vendors have architected their solutions. Years ago, in the controller-less days, the WLAN market consisted of fat APS  that did everything within themselves, and simple SNMP-like managers were written to talk to these APs in order to collect statistics and push configuration. There wasn’t muchinter-AP smarts at that time. Shortly thereafter  came the…
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Connected Classrooms: The Future of Education Technology

education technology

As a parent to two kids in elementary school, I’m continually amazed at how quickly teachers and students are using education technology to effectively teach and gain new 21st Century skills. Instead of being bombarded with handouts every week, I receive only the ones that require my attention and acknowledgment; all other communication is through email or educational apps. For example, my kindergartener’s teacher uses…
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The New Network Edge

new network edge

In 2010, Goldman Sachs published an early, but solid, piece of analysis on how cloud computing was forcing networks into an era they called “Fat Core, Thin Edge.” The most salient points were: Two-thirds of network spend is at the edge, where the volume is As apps and data shift to centralized data centers, edge connectivity becomes less complex As data centers benefit from economies…
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Ruckus Unleashed: Best 2017 Updates

Ruckus Unleashed

Here at WAV, 2017 is already off to a great start. Why is the team so excited you might ask? The release of the new Ruckus Unleashed access points! Let’s get into what’s new: Our Ruckus Unleashed access point line now includes our popular R510 802.11ac Wave 2 AP which is ideal for all enterprises and our wall-mount H510 802.11ac Wave 2 AP which works great as…
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Want To Power Smart Government? Start With Your Wireless Network

wireless network

IHS reports that the Internet of Things (IoT) will double from around 15 billion devices in 2015 to more than 30 billion devices by 2020. There is no doubt that the federal government is sharing in this growth. Already agencies are using IoT devices, with uses ranging from soldiers gathering data from satellite imagery and other sensors before or during a mission to agencies tracking…
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A Brocade Value-Added Distributor’s Perspective: Looking to the Future at the Network Edge

new ip

At WAV (a Brocade Value-Added Distributor), our product line and our vision are neatly aligned with Brocade’s vision for the New IP. As we rollout their ICX switches (and other products), we’re helping our VARs transition their businesses (and their customer’s businesses) to support modern, software-driven network infrastructure projects that support Third Platform technologies. For VARs, we know that change is hard and we know that…
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