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Advance the Mission at WISPAPALOOZA

Advance the mission to bridge the digital divide at WISPAPALOOZA! Together, we can connect the unconnected by helping you find federal, state and provincial funding for your next project.

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Bridging The Digital Divide At Mountain Connect

At Mountain Connect let’s talk about how we can bridge the digital divide together. Visit us at the show and learn about the latest innovations in broadband, fiber and LTE. These connectivity solutions will close the gap and offer millions of Americans access to reliable, high-speed Internet.

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WISPAMERICA: Better Together

Looking to build a network, launch new products or learn about the latest innovations in broadband fiber, and LTE? Visit us at WISPAMERICA, booth #200.

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AirWAV’s: Bridging the Digital Divide and Connecting Rural America

Join Zach Hubeck as he interviews Black Dragon, a KS-based engineering firm on a mission to bridge the digital divide, connecting rural America with fiber and LTE-based solutions. Joining the panels are Telrad and Federated Wireless. This power trio is bringing the engineering expertise, LTE solutions, and SAS architecture to bring high-speed Internet to those unserved and underserved in rural Kansas. Our Panelists: Zach Hubeck:…
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Strength in Numbers at WISPAPALOOZA

WISPAPALOOZA is back! Whether you are looking to build a network, launch new products or learn about the latest innovations in broadband, fiber, and LTE the Internet experts from WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear will be at booth #141 and ready to help.

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Mountain Connect: Let’s Talk Digital Divide

In person events are back! We are looking forward to attending Mountain Connect where we will continue the conversation on bridging the digital divide. Mountain Connect starts on August 11th in Keystone, Colorado. Join the Conversation to Bridge the Digital Divide at Mountain Connect…

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Fixed Broadband LTE in Unlicensed 5 GHz Spectrum with Telrad Webinar

Telrad 5GHz Webinar

5 GHz unlicensed spectrum, which has up to 500 MHz of bandwidth available in many regions of the world, is a great option for operators to deploy reliable, cost-effective, high bandwidth broadband LTE networks. With Telrad products, operators can leverage high data rates and high spectral efficiency, which will improve overall network performance to ensure a high-quality online experience for all users. If you’re interested…
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Telrad 5GHz Best Practices & Case Study with CGI Communications

Telrad 5GHz Case Study

Zach Hubeck interviews 4 industry leaders to talk about all things 5GHz in the world of Telrad. Learn about the flexibility a Telrad 5GHz LTE solution can provide your network, and hear Jon from CGI Communications, an Arizona based, 3,000+ subscriber operator discuss how they’re leveraging Telrad’s unlicensed LTE solution in their network today.     Special Thanks to Telrad Networks for their sponsorship. Shop now 

LTE: Learning What You Don’t Know

By Nick Dewar, Telrad Networks. LTE is just not as easy as Wi-Fi, although the benefits far outweigh the additional design consideration when it comes to deploying a fixed wireless network. LTE deploys differently than other Wi-Fi based and proprietary wireless technology. As a result, operators will not succeed if they use the same ideas and concepts deploying LTE as they do with the other…
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