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AirWAV’s: Facebook Terragraph, Cambium Networks cnWave and The Advanced Network Planning Tool 

Join Zach Hubeck and his panel from WAV, LLC, Facebook (Terragraph) and Cambium Networks as they test drive Cambium Networks Advanced Network Planning tool, best practices for leveraging 60GHz wireless technologies in urban environments, and how Facebook and Cambium are serving markets where fiber access is cost prohibitive and slow to deploy. Fiber-like connectivity in weeks vs. months. Connect with WAV at https://www.wavonline.com/ Connect with…
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Mountain Connect: Let’s Talk Digital Divide

In person events are back! We are looking forward to attending Mountain Connect where we will continue the conversation on bridging the digital divide. Mountain Connect starts on August 11th in Keystone, Colorado. Join the Conversation to Bridge the Digital Divide at Mountain Connect…

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AirWAV’s: Trackhouse Racing’s Daniel Suarez, CommScope Ruckus NASCAR driver (#99)

Join Zach Hubeck as he interviews Trackhouse racing’s Daniel Suarez. In this 15 minute interview, Daniel discusses his roots and how he became a professional NASCAR driver, how CommScope Ruckus plays an integral role in his team’s success, whether or not we will see him featured in a Pitbull single anytime soon, and how he prepares for each race. This is an interview you don’t…
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AirWAV’s: TV Whitespace with Radwin

AirWAV by WAV hosted an engaging virtual discussion with RADWIN focusing on TV Whitespace. Hosted by Zach Hubeck, Vice President Sales and Marketing at WAV, this episode features: Alex Raskin, Lead sales engineer at RADWIN ## Connect with WAV at https://www.wavonline.com/ Connect with RADWIN at  https://www.radwin.com/ Got additional questions? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

AirWAV’s: Funding Cup 500 with CommScope

AirWAV by WAV hosted an engaging virtual discussion with the Grants Office and CommScope Ruckus, focusing on COVID relief funding. Welcome to CommScope Ruckus and WAV’s Funding Cup 500 Podcast. Today we’re talking all about COVID relief funding; educating CommScope Ruckus partners and end users on how to leverage these programs; and gain valuable insight from CommScope Ruckus’ sales acceleration team to bring much needed…
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AirWAV’s: Hospitality Roundtable

AirWAV by WAV hosted an engaging virtual discussion with CommScope, Cloud5 Communications, Touchdown Hospitality, and Safety NetAccess, Inc. focusing on hospitality. Hosted by Zach Hubeck, Vice President Sales and Marketing at WAV, this episode features: Brett Schavey, Global Hospitality Lead at CommScope Beth Milano, VP, Sales & Commercial Development at Cloud5 Communications  Jeffrey Parker at Chief Funologist at Touchdown Hospitality Steven Bronken, Executive Vice President…
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AirWAV’s: Wellness in offices, schools and hotels with Cambium Networks and ARI

AirWAV by WAV was an engaging virtual discussion with Cambium Networks and augmented radar focusing on wellness in offices, schools and hotels with ARI. Hosted by Zach Hubeck, Vice President Sales and Marketing at WAV, this episode features: Ted Watson, Sales and Business Development from ARI Daran Hermans, Director of Product Line Management from Cambium Networks See Our Other Podcast Episodes Submit the form to get…
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2021 RDOF & Wireless Tech Trends

Join Zach Hubeck, Jaime Fink (Co-Founder, CTO Mimosa (Airspan)) and Blair Clements (Director of Sales and Marketing, ICT) for a 40 minute podcast on what you can expect in 2021 for wireless tech as it relates to RDOF. Learn where we’re at in the RDOF process, how technological advancements will impact RDOF deployments. Will fiber, big carriers or even Starlink dominate this round of Federal…
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PTP 820, the King of the Hill for Licensed PTP Links: Kielley’s Korner


Join Zach Hubeck and Steve Kielley for another installment of Kielley’s Korner. In this edition, Steve and Zach discuss how the Cambium PTP820 has reigned supreme for the last 7 years in the licensed microwave category as well as what new features we get to look forward to in the PTP850. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you don’t want to miss this podcast.