Jump Start Your Network with the PTMP Starter Kit from Mimosa Networks

For a limited time (while supplies last) get FOUR free Mimosa C5x client radios with the purchase of a starter kit from WAV LLC.*

If an A5 access point is purchased, an antenna is not required to be purchased to take advantage of the promotion. For more information, contact your WAV sales representative. *Eligible to new customers that have purchased <$5,000 in Mimosa in the last 12 months

In stock and ready to ship, contact your WAV rep to secure your Mimosa PTMP Starter Kit today.

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First choose your Mimosa access point 


For long-range pole and tower multipoint applications, access point collocation (GPS Sync) and Municipal and Rural Licensed Public Safety multipoint (4.9 GHz).


Ideal for affordable access to more low-noise spectrum for increased speeds and reliability—especially paired with SRS (GPS sync) for channel reuse.


The unique quad-panel MIMO technology delivers industry leading performance for high density short-range multipoint broadband applications.

The Mimosa C5x is the industry’s most versatile, integrated radio with four modular twist-on antenna options.

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Next choose your antenna 




Incredible noise rejection and long-distance performance, with wideband 4.9–6.4 GHz operation for fixed wireless broadband.

All the gain and ground coverage of a sector antenna, with the amazing front-to-back and sidelobe performance of a horn.

Quad-180 degree overlapping antenna polarizations, doubling the coverage of Mimosa MicroPoP deployments.


Lastly get 4 C5x client radios to complete your starter kit and receive your 4 FREE C5x radios!