Mimosa’s New 5G Fixed Wireless Solutions

“As an industry, we’ve done an incredible job utilizing the 5GHz band to its fullest potential. Mimosa is particularly proud of its Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS) technology, allowing rich spectrum reuse and mitigating interference from other unlicensed devices in the band. Our innovations in efficient use of spectrum are being manifested in many venues, enabling market growth from rural and developing countries to suburban and urban centers, where people lack choice for broadband service. Even here in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates that 75% of Americans do not have a choice for their broadband service provider. Affordable broadband internet access has become essential for modern-day life. With fiber-to-the-home having proven too costly to deploy in most areas, a hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) architecture presents the most compelling near-term opportunity for local broadband competition. To avoid another 100-year monopoly in telecommunications, our industry must move quickly towards realizing the HFW potential.” -Brian L. Hinman, Founder, CEO and President of Mimosa Networks

In the US, over 80% of the population lives in cities or suburbs, and incredibly, over half of those areas have only one ISP option for high-speed internet. With scarce mobile spectrum and price per gigabyte of mobile traffic now exceeding 50-100 times that of broadband, Mimosa’s new 5G Fixed wireless solutions – the urban MicroPoP and rural GigaPoP architectures – will be critical to meet the growing connectivity demand. The Mimosa 5G MicroPoP and GigaPoP solutions are the first commercially-viable 5G solutions for fixing bandwidth demand where it’s needed most—at home. WAV Inc. provides the Mimosa solutions to help you change the game with fiber-fast performance