Top 3 Takeaways from WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear’s 2020 Sales Kickoff

Authored by Zach Hubeck, WAV’s VP of Sales and Marketing

On an annual basis, WAV invites our manufacturers, joint business partner (MBSI WAV) and wholly owned subsidiary (Last Mile Gear) to join us for a sales and company kickoff in what arguably is the worst time of year to come to Chicago. Temperatures rival Greenland and with windchill can plummet to negative 30 or 40 Fahrenheit. It’s very similar to navy seal training in the fact that we’re looking for the weak to ring the bell. 2020 wasn’t as cold, but snow showed up and tried to derail some travel. Here are the key takeaways from this year’s conference:

Communication is for the birds

Thrice over, I’ve seen Merrick Rosenberg deliver a keynote on simplifying the traditional DISC assessment and translating communication styles into the Dominant Eagle, Interactive Parrot, Supportive Dove and Conscientious Owl, providing our companies and manufacturers with daily tips and tricks to quickly identify people’s bird styles, how to adapt your approach to communicate in their preferred style, and walk away with a better understanding of how to truly connect more closely with people in our personal and professional lives.   

Embrace the physics

At a macro level, Wi-Fi, DAS, CBRS, Licensed microwave, Unlicensed microwave, LTE, Fiber and TV whitespace are all communication platforms and technologies that can be leveraged in limitless applications, and every platform at a micro level uses various frequencies, spectrum, and good ol’ physics to deliver a solution to the school, the child, the grandma, the parent, the business man, the teacher (I could go on).

To that end, I’m often asked “will CBRS replace DAS or Wi-Fi?” “How soon before XXX will be replaced by XXX”. After listening to our manufacturers and thought leaders collaborate while shivering for two days straight, I fully accept the harmonious nature of all these technologies, and they can and should be utilized in parallel with each other (when possible). Embrace the physics my friends. It all serves a specific purpose. I don’t foresee a Blockbuster/Netflix happening any time soon.

Connect them all!

Federal funding is at an all-time high with E-rate, CAF and RDOF programs. We’re in an era where schools are mandating electronic testing, drones are delivering our parcels, rural America is being connected with billions of dollars in federal subsidy, and consumers are turning their ovens off and on with a swipe of an app. It’s an exciting time to be in wired and wireless technology, and the future is bright for those seeking high speed connectivity.