WAV’s Partnership With CommScope RUCKUS Gives Partners Huge Benefits

Available to WAV’s own CommScope’s Ruckus partners and all other partners of other CommScope Ruckus distributers; the Ruckus Fetch program is designed to maximize partner enablement and funding capacity. This expanded program affords additional funding to end customers across primary and higher education, state and local government, transportation, and healthcare. Funding is drawn from programs like the American Rescue Plan and the CARES Act, among others, and offers numerous benefits to Ruckus partners and the end customers they work with in these vertical markets. 

WAV’s partnership with CommScope and ability to leverage the Ruckus Funding Support Program benefits partners and end customers in these markets by identifying crucial funding sources in partnership with a national grants development services firm. The Ruckus Grant Funding Support Program is equipped to guide partners and their customers through the grant application process, ensuring that they can secure and maximize the funding available to them. With dedicated support from both WAV Distributors and CommScope’s own Ruckus team, CommScope partners and the end customers they serve in these important markets are positioned to receive maximum funding support and end-to-end customer service throughout the delivery of solutions they need. 

“WAV Distributors relies on its partnership with CommScope to provide solutions ranging from high-density indoor and outdoor networking solutions for sprawling college campus environments, to highly scalable Wi-Fi 6 solutions for healthcare and transportation,” said Norm Dumbroff, WAV’s President. “The CommScope lineup of solutions is designed to exceed the need of today’s education, government, transportation, and healthcare settings and we’re honored to help connect our partners with this valuable source of funding assistance.”